What does Paul think about current issues?

They need to be looked at to make sure we are spending every dollar wisely and in a transparent manner. We NEED to pay our debts down. With less debt we have more dollars to spend on our needs and wants.
Paul opposes a county sales tax. We have plenty of pockets we collect taxes from, we don’t need more.

Currently, the commission meetings are not recorded. We can audio record now and easily. We need to have the meetings video recorded.

Many tax documents are hard to read, they should be easy to understand.  Paul supports an online budget finder allowing you to see a line from your tax dollars to service.

Many times in government, they begin planning without citizen involvement, and we find out after the projects start. When I’m elected the citizen will know at the beginning of planning.

Roads and Bridges?
They need to be a priority with our county tax dollars.
Paul would be in favor of expanding roads including hwy 10 to ease congestion.